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Lock your PC with a USB Disk

29 Dec

Rohos Logon Key

Two-factor authentication solution that converts any USB drive into a security token for your computer and allows to access Windows in a secure way by USB token, replacing the Windows login.

Fully functional 15-day trial

FTP Software Downloads

17 Jul
Office 2003, Nero 7, Alcohol 120% Retail, Everest Corporate Edition, RealPlayer Gold
Absolute Sound Recorder, GoldWave, MediaForce Record-Anything
Motorola Mobile PhoneTools Retail, Firefox
Dameware NT Utilities, Flashget and more
BlackIce 2.9, GoldWave, WS-FTP 7.6 and more
FlashFXP, WinRAR v3.3 Corp, Alcohol 120 v1.9.2.1
Many full version software titles.
EvenTrigger_x86FR.exe, EvenTrigger_x86.exe, WinReporter_x86Fr.exe, WinReporter_x86.exe, WinReporter_x86-v11.exe, WinReporter_x86_v12b.exe, WinReporter_x86Fr_v12b.exe, NTRama_x86.exe, NTRama_x86-v37.exe, PC26_UG.pdf, User Guide-PrintControl.pdf,,, User Guide_LanLicenser.pdf, e2ktrial.exe, UserLock2000_x86_v21_upgrade.msp, WI514.pdf, FileRestore-trial.exe
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Flash 4
VirtualParis for Mac
Crystal Reports,, Microsoft Business Solutions eConnect,
3 gigs of pocket pc stuff
DataBaseDeveloperGuide_with_VisualC++4, DatabaseProgramingwithVisualBasicin21days, DevelopingActiveXComponentswithVisualBasic5.0, DevelopingDataBasewithVisualBasic4.0, EXCHAN%7E1, EXCHAN%7E2, IIS, IIS4, MicrosoftFrontPage97Unleashed, MicrosoftInternetExplorerUnleashed, MSBackOfficeAdministratorSurvivalGuide, MSBackOfficeUnleashed, NTWebDevelopping
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Norton AntiVirus 2004.rar
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part magic 7


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powerdesk pro

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Nero Burning ROM v6.0.0.23
RealPLayer Plus v8.0
Nero_Burning_ROM_v5.5.10.28 Enterprise

Bitmap Image file Validator/Checker

2 Apr

I’ve created this program as a part of a project ‘Image Enhancer’. This Program can be used to check whether the given file is a valid BMP file or not. Just compile the source code and enter the absolute file path in the prompt. (Ex-c:\test\text.bmp)

//Checking and validation of an BMP ImageFile
#define BMPTYPE (((WORD) ‘M’ << must=”=”‘BM'” ex=”c:\tc\text.bmp):” length =” strlen(inname);” i =” 0;”>= ‘a’) && (inname[i] <= ‘z’)){
inname[i] = toupper(inname[i]);
FILE *infp;
//strcpy( inname, argv[1]);
infp = fopen( inname, “r”);
if( ! infp)
printf(“\n Unable to open %s for input\n”, inname);
printf(“Try again..”);
// exit(1);
printf(“Verifying file….”);
printf(“\nPress any key to exit\n”);
// exit(0);

Programming with Parallel Port LPT

24 Mar

Now i’m working on a project to create a C/C++ software for communicating to the Parallel Port [LPT1]. Here i’m giving you the source code part which can be used for Parallel Port Programming. I’m sure that this may help you in some ways for your projects. Later i found that there is a library file named ParaPin which it easy to write C code under Linux that controls individual pins on a PC parallel port. but i didnt use that coz my whole system must be changed in order to do a small program. But Parapin is really helpful file for developers.

Source Code

#define port 0x378 //data port 8pins 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
#define status 0x379 //status 5pins 11,10,12,13,15
#define control 0x37A //control 4pins 17,16,14,1

void main()
long int value;
int ch;
cout<<“** AD9851 Programming with LPT1 **”;
cout<<“\n1. Send values to LPT”;
cout<<“\n2. Set all data pins HIGH”;
cout<<“\n3. Set all data pins LOW”;
cout<<“\n4. Reset”;
cout<<“\n5. Exit”;
cout<<“\n Choose your entry :”;
case 1:
for(int i=0;i<5;i++)
cout<<“\nEnter W”<<<“=”;>
outport(control,0001); //clock high
cout<<“Setting Word Clock High!!!\n”;
outport(control,0010); //freq update high
cout<<“Setting Frequency Update as HIGH !!!”;
cout<<“Word Entered Successfully….”;
goto go;

case 2:
cout<<“\n Setting all data pins to high…”;
cout<<“\nPress any key to continue…”;
goto go;

case 3:
cout<<“\n Setting all data pins to low…”;
cout<<“\nPress any key to continue…”;

goto go;

case 4:
cout<<“\nResetting Complete…”;
cout<<“\nPress any key to continue…”;
goto go;

case 5: exit(0); break;
default : cout<<“\nWrong entry…”;


void checkstatus()

unsigned int far *ptradr; /* Pointer to location of Port Addresses */
unsigned int address; /* Address of Port */
int a;

ptradr=(unsigned int far *)0x00000408;

for (a = 0; a <>
address = *ptradr;
if (address == 0)
printf(“No port found for LPT%d \n”,a+1);
printf(“Address assigned to LPT%d is %Xh\n”,a+1,address);


Internet Activity Monitor Wizard

24 Mar

This software is developed for interet users. Now-a-days
there is a small problem for dialup users(usually) ie. if we
have connected the system to internet for downloading
in the night time and if the mobile battery power is running
lower, the mobile will be powered off and the net wil be
disconnected and the system will be in the ON state till
furthe user interactions, this will charge a lot of power.
So i developed this software to counter this, it will monitor
the system and will power off automatically whenever
the net connection is terminated.

How to install?

.net Framework 2.0 or higher

Developed by
Aravind NC

Download Now

Quick SMS v2.10

24 Mar

On JAN 27,2009 This is my new software by which you can send free sms to any mobile with this software. I created this software by using the gateway of 160by2. Just use this software and wend me your valuable feedbacks. Thank you..

How to Install
use setup.exe to install
.net framework 2.0 or greater required


Bugs Fixed in new version
* Fixed problem with letter ‘T’
* Added a new option to reconnect during connection failure

* windows can be moved anywhere

Download Now