Fix Windows 7 Boot Screen That Changes to Vista Style

31 Oct

Sometimes, the beautiful, elegant, high resolution animated and dynamic Windows 7 boot screen UI may be changed to or replaced with Windows Vista boot screen, normally when user adds a Windows 7 entry in boot menu or accidentally when user attempts to repair the startup menu items with Windows Vista DVD, specifically Startup Repair. Windows Vista boot screen is a boring black background with low resolution green running progress bar.

The invalid and wrong boot screen for Windows 7 is due to missing locale entry in boot record, which failed to be set when editing or rebuilding the BCD. When locale is not found, Windows boot loader does not know which boot locale folder to look for the animated bootscreen. Thus, in order to fix the boot screen so that the boot screen can be reverted, restored or reseted back to original animated Windows 7 boot screen, just try the steps given below.

Open command prompt with Admin Rights.
Type the command “bcdboot %WinDir% /l en-US”.
Restart the computer after running the command to see the new boot UI used again.


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