Enabling Multiple forms in ASP.NET

25 Mar

The ASP.NET Control/PostBack Architecture is excellent for most Web . However, there are a few limitations that can sometimes be quite significant.One of the most fundamental problems has been the restriction to one server Form. This is very annoying for me i tried different methods but none of them worked, finally i tried with the panels and worked perfectly. I’m sharing you steps for enabling multiple forms in a single asp.net page. This article is a review of solution to the problems:

Use Panels inside the form tags….

Sample Code

< id=”Form1″ method=”post” runat=”server”>
< id=”panel1″ runat=”server”>
< id=”Textbox2″ runat=”server”>Form1
< runat=”server” id=”Button1″ name=”Button1″ text=”Click to see Form2″>

< id=”panel2″ runat=”server” visible=”false”>
< id=”TextBox1″ runat=”server”>Form2
< runat=”server” id=”Button2″ name=”Button2″ text=”Click to see Form1″>

Just try it and give feedbacks…


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